Restaurant Renovation

The Black Whale Restaurant

The Black Whale Restaurant is located at 53 Fisherman’s Wharf in Downtown New Bedford. This was my first Restaurant Design and it’s so rewarding seeing people eating in and enjoying the space you’ve created.

Restauranteurs are relying on accomplished designers and architects to create spaces that will entice diners. It’s not enough any longer to simply turn out appealing, well prepared food.


Sometimes it’s about going over the top and exploring some crazy ideas to see what works and what doesn’t. It’s always important to have a plan but to allow for flexibility to make changes that will benefit the outcome of the project.

The bar’s base was made from weathered pine I selected from 3 separate sawmills. We arranged it in a chevron pattern for added interest. I chose wood that had varying tones of orange and blue-ish grays. I then gave it a whitewash treatment to soften the look.

Besides just selecting the materials used and color scheme I also took on the role of painting the Restaurant. This way, I could make changes myself and make sure the colors were working cohesively. When we needed artwork for the walls I decided to fabricate and create my own. I wanted this Restaurant to have a diverse feel and a mixture of mediums.