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You might think that painting a wall in your home or studio is a no-brainer. But when you have someone showing you ideas—someone like Virginia DesRoches, you will watch, listen, and learn.

Virginia DesRoches, lead Interior Designer of Artful Interior Finishing, has taken the strategy of media communication and created her own very successful media outlet. She’s developed several do-it-yourself style videos that showcase her work by using an approach that has become very popular in home makeovers and décor projects.

Blank Canvas Web-Series

Blank Canvas Is A Web Series That Shows You How To Transform Rooms Into Vibrant And Striking Spaces.

With easy to understand design concepts Virginia shows you the process step by step and start to finish, letting you tap into your own inner creativity.

Virginia is the innovative owner of Artful Interior Finishing. Her successful interior painting business offers many services such as interior painting, custom artistry, color and design consulting, restaurant design and home renovating. She specializes in rustic, industrial and designs & builds her own custom lighting and decor from her JVRustic Collection. 

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