My Marsala Makeover

marsala headerThey’re calling it Marsala Craze!  Everyone in Fashion & Design is talking about this new color since Pantone announced it as it’s 2015 Color of the Year. marsala23 (2) With all the mixed reviews and controversy, I wanted to form my own opinion so I found this perfect Blank Canvas to splash some color on.

marsala cordial0marsala27 (2)


I chose this appealing shade called “Cordial” by the HGTV line at Sherwin Williams.

marsala0 (2)I tend to gravitate more to cooler tones so I was skeptical about how this warm, earthy hue would flow with the rest of my Artful Interior. I instantly notice its rich, brown undertones and realize its versatility with my rustic decor.

marsala1 (2)

Things are heating up already ….

marsala3 (2)Think lipstick, blush & nail polish. It’s like make-up for your walls.


But don’t worry fellas, this color has seduction written ALL over it.

marsala000 (2)


Adds instant color and warmth to my space.

marsala08A glossy sheen would add more glamour & luxury but I settled for a flat to highlight it’s organic beauty.

marsala11 (2)This color is great as an accent or accessory and would work especially well in kitchens and dining rooms.

marsala12 (2)It also seems to be pretty working well with my yellow bandana. Thinking  I’ll keep it around, at least until the next color curiosity gets the best of me.

marsala26 (2)This once cold corner…..

marsala32 (2)

Is now a cozy little space to relax and enjoy…

marsala23 (2)I think despite all the controversy, if you know how to use it,

marsala38 (3)it’s a rich, seductive hue with a lot of versatility and appeal.

Would love to hear YOUR thoughts on Marsala…Thanks for stopping by The Artful Interior. For more on this color, watch my interview with @MyFixitUpLife on BlogTalkRadio






wk27blog1 (2)

With vibrant pops of color everywhere, it’s time to get in the spirit and re-decorate your home using paint colors inspired by nature.



In the Fall, leaves turn the most vibrant colors. What better place to grab inspiration for paints?


Doors, planters and benches could use a fresh new pop of orange, yellow, red or green!


A pop of Orange on an entry door brings such warmth and great energy. It stands out and adds instant curb appeal.


Colorful mums, gourds, pumpkins, pine cones and plants are perfect for Fall greetings at the front door.


Arrange colorful potters to make a display.






There’s no better place than a calm, serene environment where you can just sit back and take in all of nature’s aesthetic beauty and let the colors inspire you….

fall5I think Fall is nature’s most magical time. Be Creative and take advantage of it’s Organic Beauty.


Fall-ify those neutral rooms with pops of vibrant colors. These rooms are so easy to accessorize during the transitional seasons. Warm Gray walls have become very popular for this reason alone.fall00

Subtle Accent Colors can make a big impact and add instant warmth to an otherwise cool room.


I’m looking to embrace everything that comes along with this special season…..There’s so much inspiration during the Autumn season, so get out there and BE INSPIRED!

For more info on Decorating for Fall go to: All of the above pictures were taken from other multi-media sites. Thanks to all of the wonderful designers & photographers for capturing the pure beauty of Fall.







Life is Better when Painted in Color, Don’t you Agree? These places were designed by the Most Creative and Opened Minds. If you’re one of those people who lust to escape from reality, like me… Let’s book our next trip together. So, what’s our destination? Poland, France, Portugal or Italy? Bon Voyage!


photo by


photo by


photo by Bella India


photo by


photo by

As much as I love Color, I’ll Settle for Anywhere with Sun and Sand…

JN Trip to Fiji

photo by Figi


photo by

Grab your Tanktop and Flipflops and Meet Me There….


Fall is here! It’s time to get Fall-ified!


Using some of my favorite products by Benjamin Moore, I’m showing you how you can Fallify your home’s interior & exterior all in one weekend.

What you’ll need:

2-3 inch flat or angled sash latex brush
2 containers to pour paint.
9 inch 3/8 nap roller cover with roller frame
3″ mini roller with mini roller frame
Paint tray with liners
paint opener
white charcoal pencil
Scotch Blue painter’s tape
measuring tape
180 grit sandpaper
dropcloths or plastic to protect your surface
Benjamin Moore’s #132 Tangerine Zing in a flat Finish (base color)
Benjamin Moore’s Copper Metallic Glaze

Now let’s get started..

Step 1
Give walls a light sand & wipe away dust with a damp rag.


Cut in your edges using the base color “Tangerine Zing” with a paint brush. (Refer to my video “How to Paint a Wall” )


Step 2
Using a 7″ Roller, roll out the base color onto the wall. Allow to dry completely and apply a second coat if needed. Allow to dry over night.


Step 3
Use a measuring tape to measure out the height of your wall, divide into 5 equal parts marking your points.


Step 4
With a white charcoal stick (or pencil) and a level, draw out your 4 horizontal lines


Step 5
Using ScotchBlue painter’s tape, tape off every other stripe.


It should look something like this.


Step 6
Using the Copper Metallic Glaze, brush in the corners that are hard to reach with the roller


Using the mini-roller, roll on the Copper Metallic in a V-pattern. (Don’t worry that it is not covering completely, it will cover better with the second coat) Allow 1-2 hours in between coats.


Step 7
Gently remove the Painter’s Tape while the Paint is still wet.


If there’s any bledding edges, simply touch it up using a little of the base color.


You now have a Stunning new feature wall.


Just add some finishing touches to complete your Fallify-ing new space.

But why stop there?


Let’s bring some of this Excitement to the Exterior


Clean your Surface from Grease & Dirt by washing it down with a mild cleaner.


Sand the surface lightly with 180 grit sandpaper.


Remove dust with a damp cloth and tape off any surface you don’t want to get painted.


Using an exterior latex in a low luster finish, apply multi-coats until your color is desirable.


Benjamin Moore’s Aura is my favorite paint to use on exterior doors. It goes on smooth & always has amazing coverage.


Always paint in the direction of the grain.


Now for the fun part..

wk20use - Copy

Add in some of your favorite fall accessories to give your home that instant curb appeal.


I love decorating with antique boxes. It adds charm and character.


Take the time and add some of your own personality to your entryway


Fall has never been so FUN! Hope you enjoyed this diy project and thanks for stopping by.


Tired of Boring Walls?

Screenshot use

It’s time to Wake Them Up!

Screenshot 2014-07-15 00.45.41 (2)

With a little imagination…


you can bring out YOUR OWN inner creativity.

Screenshot 2014-07-15 00.42.21 (2)

Color Drench your walls in fun shapes and patterns.

Screenshot 2014-07-15 00.44.15 (2)

Using a soft white pastel stick, just have fun with it, it’s easy to erase if you make a mistake.


Take an old piece of furniture and give it a Facelift.


Now this makes a Statement!

Screenshot 2014-07-15 00.48.48 (2)

The perfect “Blank Canvas”

wk18doors1 use

It’s always those unexpected places that make the biggest impact!


Now this once boring wall is now Alive and Drenched in Color.


Loving the Energy!